PuffleBugs Puppet Workshop

Cute & Crazy PuffleBugs-

These little creatures are so much fun to make, and they never bite!  Members of the "PuffleBugs" family are noted for their incredible colour variations and unique features.

In our special "PuffleBugs" Glove Puppets workshop coming up on June 27, 2015 we will be celebrating the very colourful and popular  "Canadian PuffleBugs", a local species noted for their red and white colouring, and they appear just in time for Canada Day! 

The "Canadian PuffleBugs" workshop takes place at JB Arts, 64 Mill Street in Almonte, Ontario Tel:613-220-3005  For details or to register online please visit:  jbarts.ca

"PuffleBugs" Glove Puppets Workshop:

Students use gloves and colourful fabric to create their own bug puppet character. Beads, pompoms, googley eyes and a lovely assortment of accents will be on hand to enhance each bug's unique features.  An introduction to hand sewing is taught as part of this workshop. We provide all the supplies and materials. Students are encouraged to present brief PuffleBug skits at the mini theatre provided.

Duration: 2 hours

Age: 8 years and up

Group Size: 15 students per workshop, minimum 10 students

Language:  Workshop is offered in English

Location: This workshop is suitable for schools, libraries, and community centres.

Fee: $35 per student.  Discounted fee $25 for each additional sibling
We also offer flat fee rates for festivals or groups, and discounts for multiple bookings.
This workshop was developed by Artelle Puppets. To learn more please visit our website.

To book a puppet workshop:
Please contact Peggy Artelle at:   Peggy "at" artellepuppets.ca

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